Quick Answer: What is checked in a Texas vehicle inspection?

What can make you fail inspection Texas?

Below we’ve listed some of the common ways vehicles fail the Texas State Vehicle Inspection.

  • Check Engine Light. A fairly common cause of a vehicle failing it’s inspection is the check engine light being on. …
  • Horn. …
  • Steering. …
  • Mirrors. …
  • Windshield Wipers. …
  • Brakes System (Including the parking brake) …
  • Lights. …
  • Tires.

Can a car pass inspection in Texas with the check engine light on?

A full diagnostic is still necessary, as you cannot pass the Texas state inspection with a check engine light on, even if it is just for emission reasons.

How many incomplete monitors are allowed in Texas?

For vehicles year model 1996 – 2000, we allow two (2) non-continuous monitors to be Not Ready and still pass the test, but three (3) or more Not Ready’s will cause the vehicle to fail. There are three (3) continuous monitors that are always Ready: Misfire, Fuel System, and Comprehensive Components.

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What happens if my car doesn’t pass inspection in Texas?

You do not have to pay to get your vehicle re-inspected if it fails inspection. If your vehicle fails the inspection, have the item(s) repaired and take it back to the inspection station that originally performed the inspection within 15 days for a free re-test.

Do they check tires for inspection in Texas?

An inspection of the vehicle’s spare tire is not required. All tires must appear to be properly inflated – even though a gauge check is not required.

Can a dealership sell a car that won’t pass inspection in Texas?

Under “Two Steps, One Sticker” used cars which have a passing inspection may be sold without obtaining a new inspection if the inspection occurred within 180 days of the date of sale.

Will my car pass Texas inspection with a cracked windshield?

Will I Fail My Inspection If My Windshield Is Cracked? The windshield is NOT an item of inspection. However, the windshield wipers are. Be sure that the crack does not cause the wipers to tear and that the crack has not caused the windshield to become concave or convex so the wipers lose contact with the windshield.

What do you need to get your car inspected in Texas?

Prepare For Your Texas State Inspection

Proof of insurance – For vehicles with full coverage, any state insurance is accepted. Vehicles with liability only are required to have coverage from a provider in Texas. Driver’s License/Photo ID – All licenses must be valid and current.

Do you need insurance to get an inspection in Texas?

You will need your insurance card, proof of vehicle inspection (the Vehicle Inspection Report from the inspection station), and proof you own the vehicle, such as the registration or title from your previous state. You can also show a current foreign/military ownership document or foreign evidence of ownership.

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Will tire pressure light fail inspection Texas?

Yes. TPMS needs to be functioning properly in order to pass inspection.

What does misfire ready mean?

Engine misfires are something you want to attend to immediately, because misfires destroy catalytic convertors. “4 ready” I would take as referring to the readiness monitors that are polled for emissions testing. EGR is one system on a car that recirculates exhaust gasses and is part of the emissions controls.

Does Texas do emissions testing?

All vehicles registered in Texas are required to receive an annual inspection which includes a comprehensive safety inspection. Gas-powered vehicles aged 2 through 24 years (or upon expiration of the two-year initial inspection sticker) require an emissions test in addition to the state inspection.

What is the grace period for inspection sticker in Texas?

Within 90 days of your Texas State registration sticker expiring, you must get the vehicle re-inspected. There is a five-day grace period at the beginning of the following month, however, after this grace period, you and your vehicle are at risk of getting pulled over and subjected to costly tickets and fines.

How much does a Texas car inspection cost?

Cost of Inspection

Inspection Type Amount You Pay At Station
One-Year Safety $7.00
Two-Year Safety (new vehicles) $7.00
Commercial $40.00
Trailer / Motorcycle $7.00

How long is a Texas vehicle inspection good for?

Most inspections in Texas are good for one year. However, the initial inspection on a new car will be good for two years. Additionally, your car has to be inspected at most 90 days before your registration expires.

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