How long does a 3800 engine last?

Is the GM 3800 a good engine?

Actually, the Buick/GM Powertrain 3800 got a lot of love from Ward’s Auto. It was awarded “10 Best Engines of the 20th Century”, as well as the yearly “10 Best Engines” award from 1995 to 1997.

What was the last year for the GM 3800 engine?

GM built and installed more than 25 million of the 3800 model V6 engines in its vehicles between 1975 and 2008.

How many miles does a V6 engine last?

The motor may last a few hundred years before it needs to be rebuilt. mileage is used to calculate how long an engine will last. Today’s engines are designed to last over 100,000 miles.

Why did GM stop making the 3800?

Why Did Gm Discontinue The 3800 Engine? As GM lost money every two years for the engines, it dropped the engine after just two years due to the difficult casts on the aluminum blocks. A new 198-cubic-inch V6 iron block appeared with an improved design and technology.

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What’s the difference between the 3800 Series 2 and 3800 Series 3?

The biggest difference between the motors is the Series III has stronger connecting rods, an aluminum upper plenum, which eliminated the leak point of the Series II, and it had a return-less fuel system setup.

How much horsepower does a 3800 V6 have?

In the Grand Prix, the 3800 Series III engine offered 200 horsepower, which was a good deal for the sporty sedan base model. There were 260 horsepower in the supercharged 3800 Series III, found in the Grand Prix GT or GTP (depending on the model year).

How much power can a stock 3800 handle?

a stock bottom end 3800 will handle about 850 crank horsepower.

Is the 3.8 V6 a good engine?

The 3.8 liter V6 was a conservatively designed, wider-bore, longer-stroke version of the then-new 3.3-liter V6. It was a good, solid engine from the start – not the highest performer or the lowest, but relatively quiet, driveable, and reliable.

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Category 3.8 Liter
Fuel ​ Regular (US: 87 octane)

What cars did GM put the 3800 engine in?

The GM 3800, 3.8-liter V-6 came in the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino, Impala, Monza, Caprice, Camaro and Lumina. Chevrolet replaced the Buick version with another 3.8-liter V-6 version, based on the Chevrolet 305 V-8, from 1980 to 1985.

Does V6 waste a lot of gas?

Almost all V6 engines use less gas than the larger engine sizes. This means that you will typically see better gas mileage in your V6 Ram when compared to its V8 counterparts. The V6 engine is going to have fewer moving parts.

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Can a car last 500000 miles?

THERE is no one secret to getting your car to live to a ripe old odometer reading. Luck could get you there, but it is no surprise that many vehicles that have reached 200,000, 400,000 and even 500,000 miles have received extraordinary care and maintenance, often with the owners doing the routine work themselves.

What car has the fastest V6 engine?

Here are the top five fastest V6 cars of 2019, according to U.S. News.

  • 2019 Audi S4. The Audi S4 | Audi. …
  • 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera. Porsche 911 Carrera | Porsche. …
  • 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio | John Sciulli via Getty Images. …
  • 2019 Nissan GT-R. The Nissan GT-R | Nissan. …
  • 2019 Acura NSX.

Are all 3800 Series 2 the same?

1 Answer. They are both series II’s, the engines are the same.

What size motor is a 3.8 L?

Chrysler 3.3 & 3.8 engine

3.3 & 3.8 engine
Displacement 3.3–3.8 L; 201.4–230.5 cu in (3,301–3,778 cc)
Cylinder bore 93 mm (3.66 in) 96 mm (3.78 in)
Piston stroke 81 mm (3.19 in) 87 mm (3.43 in)
Block material Cast iron

What Buick has the 3800 engine?

The Buick V6, popularly referred to as the 3800 in its later incarnations, originally 198 cu in (3.2 L) and initially marketed as Fireball at its introduction in 1962, was a large V6 engine used by General Motors.

Buick V6 engine.

Buick V6
Production 1961–2008
Configuration 90° V6