What’s Happening in your Market?

While I can’t promise this discussion won’t include a reference or two to the late 70’s TV sitcom, its really about the changes the automotive supplier community has experienced since the last economic downturn.  When automotive sales tanked in 2009, suppliers across the board looked at ways to trim their expenses. And marketing departments were ripe for the picking as short term financial health took precedent over long term planning.  Now that healthy sales have returned, the specter of the next downturn has made many suppliers hesitant to re-staff their teams.  And that is where we come in…..


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Spring Dates are set

Designer Night at the Races returns for its 10th year with some more awesome (and secret) surprises.  The Detroit events dates have been set in concrete and we are still working on our California dates so check back soon!  So, we have less than 10 weeks until the Competition Camaraderie and Charity starts again.Designer Night at the Races 2016 Spring save the date 10 years e-flyer

Drop me a note at LinkedIn if you would like to be a part of this awesome private charity event!

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A Slippery Slope – Winter Driving Part 2

If yesterday’s post was a boring summary about the need for proper equipment when driving in the wintertime, today I get to have fun and relive one of the more exciting winter experiences I have ever had, my weekend at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs Colorado.  But first a little background.

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A Slippery Slope – Winter Driving Part 1

Those of you who know me on Facebook have been treated to my rants about winter tires for a number of years.  Some 25 years ago I moved from the beaches of the Carolinas and Virginia to the snowy climate of Michigan.   I asked many of my neighbors, co-workers and customers who worked at the major car companies for their winter tire recommendations. I was shocked at the replies.  Apparently the “local experts” had no need for winter tires.  My favorite was response was “We don’t need them, why do you think automakers sell cars with all season tires?”  The first rule of sports is always proper equipment.  Why should driving be any different?  But after equipment, the next most important thing is training.  And for this reason we have wonderful driving schools like The Bridgestone Winter Driving School by The Center for Driving Sciences in Steamboat Springs.

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10 Questions with our 2016 Sketchmaster

A couple of weeks ago the Middlecott Sketcbattle Experiment™ took the Auto Show in Detroit by storm.  And one designer in particular took the judges by storm, as Omar Gonzales scored a win and a bunch of cash after getting off a plane from the west coast.  We decided to take a few minutes and pose our typical 10 questions to Omar to learn a little more about him.


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We Crown a New Champion – #MSBEXP 2016 Detroit

While there are numerous places to spend your evenings during the Detroit Auto Show Press Week, the Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment™ is fast becoming a party you do not want to miss.  Hundreds of people from the Detroit Business, Arts and Design community came together with the international auto industry to socialize, celebrate auto design and raise over $3000 for Project Beautiful – Inside and Out.  And lest we forget, there is live sketching and the crowning of a Champion,  the 2016 Sketchmaster.

sebastian sullen 12524085_10153322743448372_8293862160446065892_n

Photo Credit: Sebastian Sullen

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Meet the team behind #MSBEXP Part 2

Editor’s Note –  After writing pretty much every post on this site I found the #1 problem is to write about myself.  Recently Kristin Shaw has written a few posts and she surprised me with an interview yesterday right before the Sketchbattle – this is the result.  And while you might not see me front and center at the event, that doesn’t mean I am a silent or absent partner.  My passion for automobiles, design, charity and Detroit burn deep,  and this event is the perfect outlet for my energies.  Thank you Kristin for your work on the event and for creating this exposé.


Paul Czomij/BASF, Bregt Ectors/Buick, Kemal Curic/Lincoln, Dorris Gilles/Project Beautiful, Ralph Gilles/FCA, Frank Schwartz/AACS, Brook Banham/Middlecott

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