What is a bumper reinforcer?

What are bumper shocks?

A Bumper Shock Absorber is an oil-based shock that receives a force on one end and converts that kinetic energy into another form of energy, which is then dissipated. Our shocks are built to withstand a great deal of pressure and we offer a lifetime guarantee on their quality.

What is a bumper absorber?

The bumper absorber is located behind the decorative plastic bumper cover. As its name implies, the bumper absorber takes up the impact energy in a collision, to protect valuable body and mechanical components behind it. It is designed to be a sacrificial part and must be replaced if damaged in a collision.

What is a bumper bracket used for?

A bumper bracket is the part which keeps your bumper firmly on your car. You usually have more than one, and these metal pieces attach to the front and sides of your car’s frame. Because the brackets are responsible for keeping your bumper where it belongs, it is important to replace them after an accident.

Can bumper reinforcement be repaired?

Bumper reinforcements are replaced if damaged. Don’t forget to inspect mounting points. Any cracking, tearing, or deformation of the bumper reinforcements, as well as any damage that may affect the crash characteristics of the vehicle, will require replacement of the part.

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What is the metal piece behind the bumper called?

This part is generally called the impact bar, or sometimes reinforcement bar or bumper reinforcer, and, along with the (often styrofoam, sometimes plastic, missing or hidden in your picture) absorber pad, serves the actual safety purpose of a modern bumper.

Why do bumpers have spring loaded shock absorbers?

What is a bumper made of? An isolator is essentially a small shock absorber that mounts between the frame and bumper. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of property damage to vehicles in low speed impacts.

What are bumper absorbers made of?

The majority of today’s North American passenger-car bumper systems consist of a reinforcing bar either of steel, aluminum, or composite construction, and an energy absorption media. The most widely used energy-absorber construction is made from an expanded-polypropylene foam (EPP).

What is a bumper impact bar?

The bumper reinforcement bar is located behind the plastic bumper cover and is the main impact absorbing bumper component. It absorbs the energy in a collision to protect valuable safety and body components like lights, fenders and mechanical parts.

How do impact absorbing bumpers work?

When a car hits something at a low speed, the bumper will press backward to use the crumple zone to soften the impact as the foam and fenders absorb the energy. The crumpling of the bumper, fender, and foam limits the amount of damage that can happen to the car and the people inside of it.

Where do bumper brackets go?

Locate the bumper brackets on the right and left side of the vehicle below the fender. Unbolt the bumper brackets from the vehicle. There are usually two bolts that hold the bumper brackets on.

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What connects the bumper to the fender?

What Is a Bumper Bracket? A bumper bracket sits behind your vehicle’s bumper and is responsible for providing a latching point for the bumper cover to securely attach to your vehicle.

What is a bumper on a car?

What Is a Car Bumper? Car bumpers feature protruding shrouds of plastic or metal, called bumper covers, that surround energy-absorbing materials. They are designed to absorb impact to the front and rear of vehicles and minimize low-speed collision damage.