Frequent question: Which is better engine oil 5w30 or 5w40?

Is it OK to use 5w40 instead of 5w30?

Is It Ok To Mix 5w30 And 5w40? The engine will not be improved by mixing different oils. When synthetic oil is mixed with regular engine oil, the additives may have little or no effect. If you mix 1 litre of 5W30 with 5W40, there will be no harm to the engine, as long as it is mixed with 5W40.

Is there a difference between 5w30 and 5w40?

Characteristics of 5w30 and 5w40 oils

But their high-temperature characteristics differ. The kinematic viscosity of 5w30 varies in 9.3–12.5 mm2/s range; the dynamic viscosity is 2.9 mPas. For 5w40, these values are: 12.5–16.3 mm2/s and 3.5 mPas respectively.

Is 5w40 good for summer?

Can You Run 5w 40 In The Summer? The new 5W40 is great for summer, with its great cold start specs and great performance. The soot load and dilution of fuel will determine how long you can go without interruption.

Is 5w30 good for summer?

5w30 is a great multigrade oil for use in low starting temperatures as well as high summer temperatures. It is also more fuel efficient since it creates less drag on the bearings and moving engine parts.

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Why is 5w30 more expensive than 5w40?

5w30 is a multi-graded oil which is suitable to use in lower temperature. 5w40 is crude oil which can be used in a vehicle which has unleaded and leaded gasoline. 5w30 is an expensive engine oil as compared to 5w40. 5w40 is not expensive engine oil.

Which is best engine oil?

Comparison of the best engine oils for 2022

Engine oil name
Best engine oil overall Mobil 1 Extended Performance
Best engine oil overall runner-up Castrol GTX Magnatec
Best synthetic engine oil Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic
Best synthetic engine oil runner-up Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic

What is the best engine oil for hot weather?

The best motor oil for hot weather is Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil. Diesel Motor Oil from Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30. This is a full synthetic 10W-40 motor oil from Castrol Edge. The Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend 10W-40 Motor Oil is a high mileage oil.

How long does 5w40 last?

I think you would get at LEAST 7500 miles with 5w-40 syn. I do agee that the oil analysis is the safe way to extend drain intervals, and then 10-15K intervals are within reach.

Is 0w40 better than 5w40?

The 0w40 will withstand extreme cold due to its low viscosity. 5w40 will bring its best in extreme conditions, but not at the same level as its companion. If you live in relatively cold to warmer areas, the 5w40 will serve you perfectly.

What 5W-30 means?

5w30 motor oil has a winter viscosity grade of five, meaning it’s less viscous (less thick) at very low temperatures compared to, say, 10w30. It has a hot viscosity grade of 30, which means it is less viscous at high temperatures than an oil such as 5w50.

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When should I use 5W-30 oil?

5W-30 oil is primarily a winter viscosity grade motor oil. While it does perform adequately at a higher temperature, its best use is for people who drive in cold temperature regions. Due to its lower viscosity, it’s typically recommended for petrol vehicles or a light-duty diesel engine.

What oil is thicker than 5W-30?

10w30 is thicker than 5w30 because it has a higher viscosity in low temperatures. The engine oil will flow slower than 5w30 during the cold season. Thicker or higher viscosity metal oil has a better seal compared to low viscosity oil. Thicker oil offers better lubrication of motor and engine parts.