Frequent question: What is the little black box on my windshield?

What is the black box on the Honda Accord windshield?

The Black Box depicts data such as how fast your car was going, the position of the throttle, brake application, airbag deployment, seatbelt use, steering angles and a range of other factors as they were about 20 seconds before, during and 20 seconds after the crash.

What is the black box next to my rear view mirror?

it’s just a cover for the wires and connectors for the rear view.

What is that little box behind rear view mirror?

That’s a rain sensor.

What is the black box behind rear view mirror in Jeep Cherokee?

It’s for auto wipers and lights if you have them fitted.

What is the black box at the top of my windshield?

Its the sensor for the Auto wipers and Auto Headlights.

Does Honda have black boxes?

Honda does not put black boxes in there cars.

What is the black box behind rear view mirror Ford?

The black boxAbove the rear view mirror is a camera. It is used to have the IntelliSense system in the car. This is a system that helps You not hit people around You.

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