If you work in the auto industry, The Supplier Blog is the only place where you can find the latest news about automotive appearance component market issues, consumer trends and technologies – all in one location.  Whether you are a dealer and want to see what will move the metal faster, or you are a manufacturer and need to keep up with the latest in trends, we plan to bring it all here.   There are some interesting and controversial topics being planned, from marketing tactics that work to products that don’t (and visa-versa).  We will do our best to bring all sides to the table and will participate in the conversations with as much humor and irreverence as we can muster.  Who knows, we may surprise you by debunking some common myths or even help discover the next great earth-shattering idea.  It’s pretty simple really.

So, watch this site for automotive industry “inside” information.  The blog will be updated weekly with news from our travels around the world, customer insights, sneak peaks on future products and hopefully we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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