Audi does Bikes – AUTO DESIGN WEEK IN REVIEW – 3/12/12

Lots of news over the past few days about a couple of auto designer’s favorite subjects; Audi and Ducati.  It was a very international week in Auto Design as Ferrari opens a museum in Modena, Korea and Holland flex their auto design muscle, India has their first International Design Forum,  and the news from Geneva keeps flowing, even as the show’s journalists have left and the public days end this week.

Audi in talks to buy Ducati

One of the advantages of being bilingual is that you can get your news comes from locations with divergent points-of-view.  Unfortunately since the majority of my readers speak only English, there are some links and news tidbits I have to sit on.  What started as a rumor in Germany on February 22nd has finally hit the mainstream press in English.

Audi launches Technology Site

Audi has the enviable position of getting a high-marketing return on their technology investments.  Now they have taken the next step in the process and started an online magazine to trumpet their accomplishments. The “magazine” is really a collection of videos discussing topics such as intelligent lighting and their future plans for using LEDs and lasers.

Ferrari Opens Museum

No less than the NY Times reports on the long awaited Enzo Ferrari Museum located in Modena.  The building’s architecture (click the link – it is quite unusual) may not have been embraced by the local government officials, but it appears to interesting blend of cars and technology.

10 Most Important Korean Designs

Design is a hot topic in the Korean Auto Industry these days.  First, there is this article from The Korean Times identifying design as the driving force behind the recent sales gains.  Along with that article is the fact that the Korean auto industry is older than most people give it credit for as the 1976 Hyundai Pony proves.  While the Giugiaro-designed Pony occupies the top spot on the list, the recent Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata are the vehicles most will be familiar with.  However, I cannot support the idea that the Kia Soul didn’t end up in one of the top positions.

India’s International Design Forum

As further evidence of how far India’s burgeoning car industry has come in such a short time, their first International Design Forum started last week in New Delhi.  To kick things off they even had a classic car parade.

Formula 1 Grid

Just because I am a huge fan – here is The Guardian’s take on the upcoming 2012 race grid.  Go Schumi!

Bentley has issues after Geneva

Obviously, the EXP 9F SUV concept from Bentley was a huge disappointment.  How much of a disappointment is clear considering how often the rumored re-design was in the news last week.  Here is a great article identifying the potential future plans for Bentley’s SUV.

Nissan’s HiCross SUV Concept

Bentley isn’t the only manufacturer showing SUV design direction at Geneva – Nissan also showed their Hi-Cross Concept.  According to Gizmag the Rogue-sized Hi-Cross looks like it is the forerunner of future production designs.

Geneva isn’t done yet

If you didn’t get a chance to go to Geneva (like me) there were plenty of places to see other people’s trip.  here are some of the best:

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