Interiors Get Their Due – WardsAuto Interior Conference 2014

Get a bunch of guys in a room and invariably the subject of movie quotes will come up.  Stay long enough and it will eventually get around to Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  Such was my adventure trying to get to the 2014 edition of the Ward’s Auto Interior Conference.  Fly from San Jose? = No Problem.  Land at Chicago? = Not so Easy (#MajorThunderstorms).


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A Clean Sweep, Designer Night at the Races™ #36

While the racing on Monday night was close, Tuesday was an entirely difference story as one Studio took the bull by the horns and had their way with the rest of the field.  But the Competition isn’t the only story as the final tally showed $720 raised for Charity and Camaraderie abounded.  Read on for details of night #2…..


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A Tale of 2 Bananas – Designer Night at the Races™ #35

Since we already let the cat out of the bag with a teaser report on the overall winner, we should probably take a moment to explain the following picture. If you want to know more, read on after the jump.

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And the Fastest Design Studio in the East is…….

Before we tell you that, we should tell you that the Detroit Area Auto Design Studios raised $720 over two nights to benefit cancer research at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.  And many thanks to our sponsors for helping make that happen, especially Title Sponsor Lacks Trim Systems, Lacks Wheel Systems, Plastic Plate, JAC Products, Philips Lighting, Recaro, F1RCLab and Middlecott Design.  So without further ado…………..

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Designer Night at the Races™ Registration Opens

Designer Night at the Races™ returns to Detroit in May.  The event is still a two night schedule (thank you to Lacks Enterprises).  Unfortunately that does not mean you get to race twice, only that we have two evenings available so if one date doesn’t meet your schedule, the other one likely will.Designer Night at the Races Detroit May 2014


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How does a Better Wallet = Better Car Design?

So what is a automotive designer supposed to do when they discover they cannot find the perfect wallet?  Before answering that question, let me digress a bit.  The best part of my passion for automobiles hasn’t been the many, many projects I have worked on over the years.  The best part is the fantastic people I have met. And in the case of my consulting business and this blog, I have met a ton of awesome and talented auto designers.  Every now and then they even let me hang out, and the ensuing conversations always turn to passion.  Passion for the job? sure, but usually the discussion turns to passion for solving some other problem.  Which brings me back to the wallet…….

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Geneva 2014 does Daniele

As promised yesterday, there was much more to the Geneva Auto Salon than new production and concept cars.  Shape and Form are elements of design, and since we tend to be a design-centric blog, we would be remiss not reporting on every shape and form we run across.  Actually, DaniPhotoDesign ran across these shapes and forms and was kind enough to pass them along.

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